Plastic Surgery

The Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department at Narmada Hospital ranks among the best in the Central India with its ultramodern facilities and the experienced staff available. Our department has well qualified surgeons. From the nose to the toes, our surgeons tackle every form of reconstruction. Our well-equipped Operating room facility which works round the clock caters to these emergency situations  Any injury to the body heals with scar formation. The extent of scar produced depends on various factors like age, familial tendency, race, nature of the injuring force, direction, depth, location, size of the wound and the immediate treatment or handling and stitching the wound. Most Scar revisions are done under local anesthesia with day care treatment. Simple moles, acne marks, warts and skin lesions can be removed with a hairline scar.  
Acquired conditions include maxillofacial trauma like fracture of the jaws: mandible, maxilla, orbital fractures. Patients present with crush injuries of hand, finger amputations which need replantation or soft tissue defects involving lower limb emergency reconstructive surgery which on many occasions can save a patient’s life or limb. Outside the emergency setting, reconstructive surgery plays a major role in getting a traumatized patient back to function and our department is well suited to fulfill this. Common Trauma Surgeries includes:  Facial surgeries include Soft Tissue, Maxillofacial Fractures 

Hand Surgeries include Finger Tip Injuries, Flexor Tendon Injuries, Extensive Tendon Injuries, Complex soft tissue and bone injuries, Nerve & Vascular injuries, Replantation & Revascularization

  • Facial Burns
  • Hand Burns 
  • Extensive Burns 
  • Post Burns Deformities 
  • Skin Grafts 
  • Microsurgery 
  • Free flap Procedure 
  • Tissue expansion