Live Life Positively KnowYourStatus This world AIDS Day!

Today world commemorates World AIDS Day under the theme “Know your status”. This year is the 30th anniversary year of #WAD30. The pioneering global health campaign was first initiated by #WHO in the year 1988.

Several people died during the '80s because of fear, stigma and ignorance reports WHO, with no effective treatment available then. Hope was too little for those who got diagnosed with #HIV, then says "Dr Gottfried Hirnschall".HIV stands for HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS, the virus that causes HIV infection.


#Today, around 37 million are living with HIV worldwide out of only 22 million people are on treatment reports WHO. #1 million people die every year globally because they don't know they have HIV or start treatment late. #Raise your awareness and save your self. Hiv continues to the major health issue, in the year 2017, 940000 people died of HIV related causes.


#HIV is the virus that causes HIV infection. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. #HIV is spread through contact with the blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids, or breast milk of a person HIV infected, sharing injection drug equipment with HIV INFECTED, OR by having sex with a person who has HIV.


*The test tells whether the person has HIV. *AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. *Everyone from 13 yrs to the age of 64 yrs, get tested for HIV, at least once as part of the routine checkup. *All pregnant women get tested for HIV so that they can begin taking HIV medicines if they are HIV positive.