Press Release

Narmada Health Group Held Free Health Checkup Camp in Village Chandon,Bankedi Hoshangabad.

8-March-2019: Narmada Health Group, Narmada Apna Aspatal organised free health check-up camp in the village Chandon in Bankedi, Hoshangabad. Estimated 470 people got their medical checkup done for free and were advised and benefited by the doctor's examination. Free medicine was also distributed in the camp. During the camp Dr Rajesh Sharma Director, Narmada Health Group addressed the villagers and made them aware of the benefits of preventive living and how to live a healthy active life. Dr Rajesh Sharma also pressed his views and wish to develop a model Village, a village loaded with all amenities of an urban setting however the soul of the village remains intact of an to its authenticity and purity village. Dr Sharma also impressed on the point and advantages of "Shrma Daan", he said, Shram Daan in the key for the development of any village. Extending a hand to help, those who are educated if help to teach and train those who are illiterate can create wonders. Those who are knowledgeable if there their knowledge make others aware of a good life and it benefits villagers, the life of people in the village can improve and uplift.