Press Release

13th March 2019, 13th Founders Day Celebration of Narmada Health Group, Narmada Trauma Centre-Bhopal!

Dr Raejsh Sharma Director and Chairman Narmada Health Group and Dr Renu Sharma, Chairperson Narmada Health Group, began their journey on this same day 13 year before, with the mission to provide quality health service and affordable one for those patients who caught by fate and suffered traumatic injuries.

Their vision "Manaviya Seva Ishwariya Prathna", set the foundation for medical health services in the vicinity of rural areas, over the highway a leapfrog to the ranks of Hospital with Direct, Mission

On 13th March, we celebrate this stately day when this idea of service humanity was set in to practice with its foundation. A vision of a service provider in health and care, future with welfare at its core. The year 2019 also marks the 13th anniversary of Narmada Health Group.

We are pleased to share with you all the glimpses from the 13th Founder Day celebration of Narmada Health Group, Narmada Trauma Centre, full of glee and gratified moment from the grand celebration.