Narmam Jaivik

A perfect location to explore outdoors, Narmada Upvan !!

What could be better than to have a stretched weekend spending all relaxing outdoor? All in the tranquillity & tangled in the serendipity of nature to explore life and love-self, away from all the stressful lives and vibes of men and metropolis?

In calm and closeness with nature so that you get, to get that fresh feeling of clean air, the touch of that pure soil, sweat on the body with that salt flavour in the mouth a perfect sun soak. A more intimate moment with nature, having fresh grown organic food and being in that same scenario not running out of any necessity of living to enjoy relaxed and silk life.

The best stay to enjoy all this fun of outdoors being same time able to exploit the facilities of in-house, a stay at Fram Villa, "Narmada Upvan" is perfect. Hectares of the lush green organic farm, loaded with a lush green vegetable and vitamins - mineral rich fruits, the chirping of birds, animal shed, a variety of exotic animal and bird species and landscape to offer treck to the hills.

The above dreamland is none other than the Narmada Upvan, a property of Narmada Health Group. The crown among the jewels is Narmad Narmam Jaivik organic farm which supplies the organic food.

The food is cooked and served in the gambreled roof and uses practically the natural food like wildflower honey, eggs from the farm, organic milk form cow fed on organic fodder, and even the spicy freshly grown at the farms. All these luxurious living and authentic organic food is inclusive in a stay and is offered at very nominal rates.

The Narmada Farm House is 35 acres of land at Ramnagar near Shahganj at Sehore district. This organic farm is situated at the roots of Satpura mountains.

It took almost 3 years of perseverance to let the land to be used for organic farming which we got under the remarkable experience of organic experts.

Present day organic agriculture has grown out of the perceived efforts by us to create the best possible relationship between the earth and men. There has also been a significant sensitization of the global community towards environmental preservation and assuring of food quality.

Ardent promoters of organic farming consider that it can become the mean for complete development of rural areas and we are humble to carter such crowed who understand and promote organic culture and living in nature.